ACMA focuses on automation at PACK EXPO

ACMA, a Coesia Company, announced its participation at PACK EXPO in Las Vegas, from 11-13 September, as the company will be focusing on automation and sustainability, fundamental pillars of corporate strategy in food and beverage, pharma and personal care and cross industry automation.

GREENMATION is Coesia’s response to the current trend prompted by consumer demands towards reusable and recyclable packaging solutions while manufacturers face labour shortages and the cost of production increase.

“In this complex situation, Coesia believes that the answer to this profitability-threatening challenge lies in supporting a revolution in production which is capable of combining the principles of automation and sustainability in the industries of Food & Beverage, Pharma & Personal Care, and Cross Industry Automation,” said Alessandro Parimbelli, Chief Executive Officer, Coesia.

The Coesia booth will be divided into three areas; food and beverage, pharma and personal care and cross industry automation where technicians and experts will present the latest solutions presented by the Group: ACMA, Atlantic Zeiser, CITUS KALIX, FlexLink, G.D, GF, HAPA, MGS, NORDEN, R.A Jones, and VOLPAK.

Besides presenting its new set of technologies for liquid filling for the personal care, home care and oils market, there will also be the opportunity for attendees to explore its automated and smart distribution and feeding solutions, more specifically suited to handle spherical or flat-based chocolate pralines or options for the management of flat product such as bottles, chocolate pralines or bars and soap bars.

There are three variations of ACMA’s smart handling systems, designed according to the type of product to be processed, how they need to get to the machine and the production speed of the line being served.

The first is a smart robotic distribution system with multiple applications within different industries. Designed with space and energy savings, the multi-level smart system handles delicately and precisely chocolate pralines of unusual shapes. Integrating the electrical components into the machine without additional electrical cabinets and the presence of a single HMI integrated with Coesia OptiMate and PerforMate make it compact and easy-to-use.

The second, ACMA Carousel, is a feeding system also designed for flat-based chocolate pralines and to be very compact with low energy consumption. It includes a vision system that scans incoming chocolate pralines, detecting and discarding of defective ones and operating in sync with a robot in charge of correct product orientation.

Finally, VL is a solution from the company designed for spherical chocolate pralines that arrive in the machine from a counterplate. Developed for the ACMA CW 1005 packaging machine, it is designed for customers who have high production requirements but don’t want to compromise on quality.

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