67% of Americans typically eat chocolate on Valentines Day

A new survey findings that highlight just how much sugar and carbs Americans typically consume on Valentine’s Day. The brand polled 1,000 Americans (via OnePoll) about their carb consumption habits timed to the ‘sweet’ holiday on Monday, and found that:

  • Americans love their sweets: 2/3 (67%) of consumers surveyed say they typically eat chocolate on Valentine’s Day, with 55% consuming 3 or more pieces. 48% of consumers say they typically eat candy hearts, 44% say they consume gummies, and 50% of respondents say they eat cake/cupcakes on Valentine’s Day.
  • Consumers get a crash course in sugar: 71% of Americans surveyed say they have had a sugar crash as a result of eating sweets/carbs on Valentine’s Day.
  • Americans’ love of sweets lasts longer than Valentine’s Day: 90% of Americans who eat sweets on Valentine’s Day admit to continuing to consume their favorite Valentine’s Day treats beyond the day itself- with 1:14 admitting to indulging a week or more after the holiday.
  • Valentine’s Day is a carb-centric holiday: 65% of consumers say they are more likely to eat carbs on Valentine’s Day, compared to non-holidays.
  • Trouble curbing the sweets: 75% of Americans surveyed said they find it hard to stop after eating one piece of chocolate, candy, or other sweet treat.

Current recommendations suggest limiting one’s daily added sugar to about 6 teaspoons for women and 9 teaspoons for men. This equates to nearly one single serving of Valentine’s Day candy from a leading U.S. chocolate brand.

Sugarbreak knows candy and carb consumption is inevitable for many on Valentine’s Day, and is helping Americans combat the impending ‘sugar hangover’ through its range of natural and science-backed products that allow consumers to be able to experience their favorite sweets without the negative side effects of sugar. Its most popular product, Stabilize, helps block the absorption of carbs and sugars as you eat, minimizing sugar spikes and crashes, and supporting healthy insulin sensitivity and production. Consumers take one capsule ten minutes prior to digging into their favorite Valentine’s Day sweets and it immediately goes to work, helping to block excess absorption and slow down the digestion of carbs and sugars.

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