​Chapon recall three batches of chocolate bars following toxic metal scare

French chocolate company Chapon have recalled three lots of their chocolate bars after finding out that the bars may not only contain bits of mental, but high levels of toxic metal.

The company, which started in Paris by Patrice Chapon, have recalled their ‘Colombia torrefaction long 70% cacao’ bars over substantial fears that the bars potentially contain too much Cadmium, which is a toxic metal which can endanger human health.

The bars in question will have the numbers 170414771, 170314771 or 170411771 printed on the packaging itself, as well as the numbers EAN: 3700251006208, and the date 04/2019.

If humans are exposed to too much cadmium, it’s been proved that bone fragility, kidney failure, issues with the reproductive system, liver and immune system and respiratory problems are all possible, while it also brings a higher risk of cancer.

Customers who have bought this product are warned by professionals to not eat it, and instead return it to the shop or supermarket that it was purchased from, in order to receive either an exchange or a refund.

Should anyone be worried about this or would like more information, a hotline has been set up especially for it, which is: 06 12 95 64 68.

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