The insect revolution: Too hard to swallow?

6th July 2020

Feeding ourselves – and doing so sustainably – are challenges faced around the globe. With the need to find protein alternatives and more options on our doorstep, insects are being touted as a good solution for people, animals and the environment. As world population increases, so too does the demand for food, especially meat. Unfortunately,…

How consumers use technology

6th July 2020

Euromonitor International’s Digital Consumer Survey highlights role mobile devices, online ordering have in food purchasing. It’s no question the global coronavirus pandemic has had and will continue to have lasting effects on how consumers shop. But new research from Euromonitor International illustrates just how much consumers have come to rely on technology in the face of government-mandated lockdowns and…

Savvy snacking

3rd July 2020

Eating between meals has gone through a makeover. Where snacking once pointed to poor eating habits, many consumers now see snacks as part of a healthy lifestyle providing nourishment, pleasure and functional benefits. In the past, snacks satisfied hunger cravings between meals. Traditional snacks consisted largely of potato chips, chocolate and sweets, delivering limited nutritional…

Mentos Xtra Strong variant added to range

30th June 2020

Mentos releases officially the Mentos Xtra Strong as an available product sold individually but also in multi-pack form Mentos Xtra Strong is now available in both single roll (rrp: 69p) and multi-pack (rrp: £1.29) formats. Both the single and multi-pack will be included in the brand’s Me & You loyalty programme which encourages shoppers to…

ACMA: A new concept of services

29th June 2020

ACMA, a Coesia company, has continued to evolve its customer support strategies, following the development of technology and market trends. Today, the key lies in operating in a predictive manner both for avoiding the emergence of problems and for making maintenance more efficient, thus avoiding downtime. In particular, a primary focus is given to customers…


From design to operation with CAMA Group

17th June 2020

Webinar series: Digitilsation from design to operation creates best-in-class solutions CAMA Group is an international company that specialises in the engineering and production of complete high technology secondary packaging systems for major multinational groups both in the food and non-food markets. CAMA is presenting two webinars as part of a series on digitilsation in the…


Influencers of confectionery habits amongst COVID-19

17th June 2020

COVID-19 is impacting all areas of the food and drink market, and the confectionery market is no exception to this. Currently, sales of items such as chocolate and sugar confectionery are on the rise across the globe, as consumers seek out moments of comfort. However, as these snacking occasions increasingly conflict with health goals, consumers…

Salience sheds light on confectionery sellers online potential

3rd June 2020

As part of a series of free monthly sector reports, Salience sunk their teeth into the confectionery industry, unwrapping the market to analyse digital performance. The report takes a deep dive into key performance indicators, such as organic visibility, brand reach, and domain authority, resulting in a pick and mix of brands who hit (and…

Ferrero USA Inc., announced that Michael Zacharias has joined the organisation as Vice President

Ferrero announces new Vice President

2nd June 2020

Ferrero USA Inc., part of the global confectionery company Ferrero Group, announced that Michael Zacharias has joined the organisation as Vice President, Trade Marketing and Category Management, U.S.A. In this new role, Zacharias will lead trade marketing, category management and shopper marketing for Ferrero’s portfolio, which includes Nutella, Kinder, Tic Tac, Ferrero Rocher, Crunch, Baby…

Functional ingredients like probiotics can help the food service industry respond to growing consumer focus on wellness, according to a new report.

Functional ingredients address wellness trend in consumers

2nd June 2020

Functional ingredients like probiotics can help the food service industry respond to growing consumer focus on wellness, according to a new report. The global food service industry has had to adapt quickly to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Many outlets have shifted to ‘less contact’ models, or have started offering on-the-go and takeaway options to comply…