CHOCOTECH GmbH, a member of the Sollich KG group of companies, is a key supplier of kitchens for the Candy Industry. The scope of supply includes a number of patented processes and focuses on hygienically designed equipment with energy saving features and quick start-up and stop modes to ensure less product loss.

Our specialty includes solutions for both soft and hard candy type masses i.e. Caramel, Fondant, Fudges, Jellies, Gummies, Aerated Masses, Laminated Nut Masses, Halwa, Chewy Candy, Hard Candy, Medicated Soft and Hard Candies with DQ, IQ and OQ. The Candy Kitchens are complemented by our specially designed optional CIP Systems to ensure a safe and sustainable cleaning of the equipment.

Customer trials can be carried out in our 600 m² state-of-the-art lab facility in Wernigerode, Germany, which is just a short hop from Hannover Airport. The lab is stocked with our complete range of equipment, allowing trials to be carried out for throughputs from 5 kg (Benchtop Trial) to 1.000 kg per hour.

The support staffs are highly qualified Process Engineers and Operators with a vast amount of experience in the field, guaranteeing professional surroundings and results for process trials.

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Dornbergsweg 32, D – 38855 Wernigerode