Carob powder may replace cocoa for phytosterol-rich muffins

Plant Foods for Human Nutrition

A new study suggests that carob powder may provide a cheaper alternative to cocoa powder in muffins by helping to reduce sugar and increase phytosterol and isoflavone levels. Data published in Plant Foods for Human Nutrition indicated that carob powder increased total phytosterol content by 17% and levels of the isoflavone genistein by 18%. In…

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Sleaford Quality Foods extend sugar and salt renovation even further

Sleaford Quality Foods, cross-category supplier of multiple packaged foods, have pledged to further renovate sugar and salt from their range. The new programme encompasses soups, stuffing, jelly crystals, bakery mixes, gravies, sweet and savoury sauce mixes. The aim is to deliver sugar and salt levels below the March 2018 recommendations from Public Health England. Sleaford…

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Ice cream inclusions on the up and up – Pecan Deluxe survey says

Whether traditionalist or trendsetter, one thing is certain: the vast majority of UK ice cream consumers still prefer “bits” in their creamy desserts. In a recent survey* commissioned by inclusions pioneer Pecan Deluxe Candy, an overwhelming 77 per cent of respondents cited a preference for some kind of mix-ins when selecting their favourite ice cream.…

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Bebeto unveils reduced sugar treats

In response to growing consumer demand for healthier options, popular confectionery brand Bebeto has revealed three new products with 30% less sugar. Launching officially in summer 2019, the products will be available in attractive, shelf-ready packaging and are set to be a tasty treat for retailers and end-customers alike. High in fibre and with no…

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Quick Milk Magic Sippers Announce New Healthy Freeze-Dried Straws

quick milk magic sipper

The world’s favourite milk-flavouring sipper just released a solution to stay healthy during the winter days and it’s divinely delicious. Families around the world have been ‘turning milk-time into fun-time’ for 25 years with Felföldi’s Quick Milk Magic Sippers. So simple, so delicious. Just dip into milk and sip to enjoy the all-natural flavours. This…

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Givaudan opens new Flavours technical and commercial centre in Casablanca


Givaudan, the flavour and fragrance company, yesterday inaugurated a new Flavours technical and commercial centre in Casablanca, Morocco. CHF1.2 million investment demonstrates Givaudan’s continued commitment to Maghreb and West Africa. The investment is part of the Company’s 2020 high growth market strategy and demonstrates its ongoing commitment to the Maghreb and West Africa regions. Louie…

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Bartek Ingredients acquired by private equity firm TorQuest Partners


TorQuest Partners has announced the acquisition of Bartek Ingredients., a specialty products manufacturer specialising in malic acid, fumaric acid, and maleic anhydride for food and beverage, animal nutrition and industrial applications. In foods and beverages, Bartek’s malic acid ingredients—commonly used in beverages and candies, as well as other food applications—impart a desirable sourness reflective of…

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HERZA Schokolade to present novel products at BioFach 2019

HERZA Schokolade chocolate couverture

According to Innova Market Insights, one of the top trends of 2019 will be “adventurous consumers” on the lookout for new and unusual flavour experiences. The new little chocolate couverture pieces made from specific fine organic cocoa varieties, to be presented by HERZA for the first time at BioFach 2019, will enable manufacturers of sweets…

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Ginger innovation accelerates production rates and cuts waste for master chocolatier

beech's ginger brusco

Brusco has seen its innovation in crystallised ginger products pay huge dividends for one long-established master chocolatier in the UK. The powder coated and pre-diced ginger from Brusco has enabled Beech’s Fine Chocolates to revolutionise its enrobing process while still satisfying customer tastes for first-class ginger chocolates with a smooth, luxurious mouthfeel. Traditionally chocolatiers use…

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