Meringue company takes to the skies with Virgin Atlantic

The meringue company, Flower & White is supplying Virgin Atlantic’s international flights via in-flight concessionaire 3Sixty Duty Free, meaning its treats will be enjoyed by thousands of passengers above the clouds. The company’s Raspberry Meringue Bar now forms part of Virgin Atlantic’s inflight Gastro Movie Box. Customers will notice the groundbreaking 100% paper recyclable, plastic-free…

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Indian summer comes to Grand Trunk Road restaurant

Grand Trunk Road 

Chef Sharma of the Grand Trunk Road restaurant is launching a set of tantalising and delightfully different ice cream flavours set to astonish diners. Flavours from India, Afghanistan and Pakistan have inspired the ice cream flavours, which are far more exciting  than any you are likely to find at your local ice cream parlour. A world away…

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Whitakers deliver quality and deliciousness in their newest chocolate products


Whitakers Chocolates has evolved over 130 years and five generations from a small team manufacturing chocolate by hand in the back of a shop, to a 150 strong workforce producing millions of chocolates every day in a state-of-the-art production facility. The company take pride in manufacturing the most delicious chocolates, whether it be for their…

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New EXBERRY powders deliver naturally intense blues


Colouring Foods supplier GNT Group has developed a range of blue powders derived from spirulina with significantly higher colour intensity. They are available in both standard and micronized powder form. The new EXBERRY high intensity blues are offered with a choice of carriers, including maltodextrin or sugar. They are guaranteed to be trehalose-free, ensuring good levels…

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Gelita claims major breakthrough with agar-agar ingredients application


Ingredients and solutions business Gelita has expanded its gelling agent portfolio by presenting what it believes is a world-first in creating agar-agar sheets. As the company explained, conventionally, plant-based agar-agar has only been available in powder form often as a mixture with other gelling agents, which has now been addressed. Now, using a new manufacturing…

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Rousselot develops sugar-free confectionery


The leading global producer of gelatin and collagen peptides, Rousselot, has reportedly developed a successful new application concept to produce sugar-free confectionery. Its ‘SiMOGel’ allows confectionery manufacturers to ‘create clean label,’ great tasting fortified confectionery’ with gelatin’s unique elastic and short texture in the hygienic conditions of a starchless environment. The latest innovation by Rousselot…

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Patisserie Valerie launches new menu and reveals new patisseries range

Patisserie Valerie

Confectionery café chain, Patisserie Valerie, has announced the launch of its new summer menu and has revealed its redesigned range of classic patisserie and gateaux which are now available from its patisseries nationwide. These exciting launches are the first steps in the redevelopment of the much-loved brand as the business re-focusses on quality ingredients, creative…

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Brazilian peanut exporters consolidate their presence in Europe

Brazilian peanut exporters

Closed sales and export projections for the next 12 months as a result of Brazilian participation at Snackex exceed US$34 million. Brazilian companies exporting peanuts are celebrating the results obtained at Snackex, an international fair organized by the European Snacks Association (ESA) in Barcelona, on June 27 and 28. The amount of US$7.45 million were…

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Cooking up a storm with baked ingredients

Pecan Deluxe Candy

The popularity of veganism and experimental plant-based foods may be stealing all the headlines this year but leading food tailor Pecan Deluxe Candy believes that there is an exciting new trend emerging around cooking with baked goods, such as cake & cookie pieces. Recent industry reports put UK growth for bread and bakery goods, including cakes, rolls, pastries,…

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Palsgaard achieves total carbon-neutral production


Palsgaard has reached its goal of total carbon-neutral production two years early, describing the achievement as a milestone for the whole ingredients industry. The Danish company, known as the inventor of the modern plant-based food emulsifier, has a long history of social and environmental responsibility. In 2010, it set itself the goal of completely carbon-neutral production…

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